Webster Elementary
        Class of '62
        Ballard, WA 

48th Reunion Photos - May, 2010 (Page 2)

Sylvia Vikingstead (friend of Bertha Davis) and Lois Johnson Lee (Lynn Johnson's mom)

Rod Liseth

Rod Liseth's mom, Gerd Liseth. 
Gerd made all the delicious spritz and krumkake that everyone enjoyed.  She also knit the beautiful sweater she's wearing.  Do you remember her classic Norwegian sweaters, with the intricate designs?  Gerd said she learned to knit in Norway at the age of seven and has been knitting ever since.  Claire Liseth, Gerd's daughter-in-law, said her incredible sweaters are treasured by her family.

Dag Lunde

Paul Matson

Marcia McElhaney and Mr. Marcia McElhaney (Tom Diers)

Pat Moir
Can you guess the name of the knitter?  Pat received this sweater when she was fifteen, and has obviously taken great care with Gerd Liseth's creation.

Dwight Oliver and wife, Bev Oliver

Eric Olson

Eric Olson, his wife, and Dave Vane

Stacy Peabody

Shelley Tennant

Dave Vane and wife, Barbara Vane

Bryce Williams

Bryce William's wife, Rita Williams

Mason Williams

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