Webster Elementary
        Class of '62
        Ballard, WA 

48th Reunion Photos - May, 2010 (Page 3)

Do you remember "Hamburger Day", the most popular day of the week in the lunchroom?  Eleanor Toews, Seattle Public School's incredible Archivist, found the original recipe for us!  We even discovered what turned the meat patties that odd shade of green.
So what were the ingrediants?  36#'s of hamburger, 6 cups of wheat germ, 12 cups of oats, 4 1/2#'s of bread crumbs, 9 cups of powdered eggs, 15 quarts of powdered milk, 2 tablespoons of pepper, 4 cups of onion, and 2 cups of salt!  And the mystery ingrediant that turned them green?  The meat was mixed the night before and stored in aluminum pans that reacted to the eggs and turned the mixture green.

Special thanks to Bart Butchart (Mr. Shelley Tennant) for volunteering to be our "Lunch Lady" (complete with official hairnet).  Bart made the buns, cooked, and served the infamous green hamburgers.

The Lunchroom Staff

Knut Harjo

Jeannette Johnson, Lynn Johnson's mom, Lois Johnson Lee, and Marcia McElhaney

Marcia McElhaney and Eric Olson

Lynn Johnson's mom, Lois Johnson Lee, Marcia McElhaney, and
Jeannette Johnson

Mason Williams and Toni Christensen

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