Webster Elementary
        Class of '62
        Ballard, WA 

Retro Snapshots

Undated photo of the Webster Staff, L-R, Back Row:  Boyd Matson, Bertha Davis, Laina Taipoli, Mabel Foreman, Audry Ward, Mary Murphy, Rose Star, Inga Olson.  L-R, Front Row:  Florence Bowen, Ruth Rennard, Stella Lake (Mrs. Lake and Mrs. Bowen were sisters), John Prendergast, She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (Miss Bertha Farley King), Pat D'Amico, Marcella Mitchell, Alice Crater, Elizabeth Simes, Clara Alinder.  Just look at all those "sensible shoes"!

Staff at Webster while we attended:

Mrs. Cambern
Mrs. Hobbes
Mrs. Mitchell
Mrs. Rennard
Mrs. Bowen
Mrs. D'Amico
Mrs. Foreman
Miss Star
Mrs. Lake
Mrs. Simes
Mr. Prendergast
Miss Olson
Mrs. Crater
Mr. Matson
Mrs. Davis (Librarian and Teacher)

Front Row, Left to Right:  Nancy Poarch, Connor Garcia, Stacy Peabody, unidentified, Starlet Clark, Ed Rodal, unidentified, unidentified, Jim Logue.  Second Row:  unidentified, Leah Roswick, Sharon Wallinger, Dwight Oliver?, Bob Clemence, Joe Blumel?, Toni Christensen, Curt Leady, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified.  Back Row:  David Vane, Tom Hougton/Jensen, Bob Haight, Greg Edwards, Albert Forsmo?, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified.

Photo dated June, 1960

Left to right, front row:  (Connor Garcia with back to camera), Dave Trammell, unidentified, Jeannette Johnson, Galen Birch, unidentified, Vickie Lamb, Shirley Heindselman.  Second row:  Marcia Geving, Lindy Korff, John Willott, Laura Buchanan, unidentified, Raymond Peterson, Jinx Olds, Bill Briggs, Marcia McElhaney.  Back row:  David Vane, Knut Harjo, Paul Matson, Victor Knight?, Craig MacDonald, unidentified, Albert Forsmo?. Standing behind last row:  Dan Partridge?

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