Webster Elementary
        Class of '62
        Ballard, WA 

Troop 8

Brownie Troop 8's first meeting, 1958.  Back row (L-R) Vera Gerke (Troop Leader) and Jackie Martens (Assistant Leader).
Middle Row (L-R) Judy Gerke, Marcia Geving, Janis Williamson, Lynn Johnson, Sue Martens, Shirley Heindselman.
Front Row (L-R) Jill Gislason, Leah Roswick, Jeannette Johnson, Pam Ball, Toni Christensen.

Notice Shilshole Bay Marina in the background?  Oops, never mind, it's not quite there yet (just the "new" breakwater).
L-R Sue Martens, Shirley Heindselman, Toni Christensen, Pam Ball, Lynn Johnson, Leah Roswick (with back to camera), Janis Williamson, and Jeannette Johnson with Judy Gerke running and Marcia Geving in pursuit.

Marcia Geving

First road trip.  All the way to Tacoma.  Back Row (L-R) Pam Ball, Sue Martens, Jeannette Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Jill Gislason,
Marcia Geving.  Front Row (L-R) Leah Roswick, Judy Gerke, Camille Wagner, Janis Williamson, Nancy Poarch, Shirley Heindselman.

Marcia Geving, Janice Williamson, and Camille Wagner's mother in front, followed by Leah Roswick and Jeannette Johnson in Tacoma.

Front Row (L-R):  Camille Wagner, Lynn Johnson, Toni Christensen, Laura Buhman, Marcia Geving, Pat Moir
Middle Row (L-R):  Shirley Heindselman, Jeannette Johnson, Marcia McElhaney, Lindy Korff, Jinx Olds, Nancy Poarch, Phyllis Lee
Back Row (L-R):  Pam Ball, Shelley Tennant, Leah Roswick, Susan Martens, Judy Gerke

Lynn Johnson, Jeannette Johnson, and Judy Gerke with Vera Gerke at our "Fly Up" ceremony from Brownies to Girl Scouts.

Notice the attire of the parents in attendance?  Hats for the mothers, and suits for the fathers.

Vera Gerke, our leader for the entire ten years, from Brownies through Senior Scouts.   I know, it's hard to keep your eyes off the classic '57 chevy in the background isn't it?  Would the two-toned car next to it be a '56 Ford perhaps?

Jeannette Johnson at River Ranch Girl Scout Camp in Carnation.

Camping on Pioneer Ridge at River Ranch Girl Scout Camp in Carnation.  L-R Shelley Tennant, Jeannette Johnson, Nancy Poarch, Jinx Olds, Leah Roswick with Pam Ball hiding in front.

Far left, Sue Martens.  Back row, L-R:  Lindy Korff, Laura Buhman, Marian Bailey, Lynn Johnson.
Front row, L-R:  Judy Gerke, Jeannette Johnson, and Pam Ball.

Back in the day when we all made our own entertainment.   L-R Darilyn Davis, Nancy Poarch, Jeannette Johnson, Pat Mick, Leah Roswick, Sue Martens, and Leah's younger sister, Lahna.
Remember The Flintstones?  L-R Pat Moir, Shelley Tennant, Pam Ball, Jinx Olds, Marcia Geving, Judy Gerke.

We never seemed to tire of putting on skits.  Come to think of it, back then we never seemed to tire!  L-R Shirley Heindselman, Marcia McElhaney, Lynn Johnson, Lindy Korff and Laura Buhman.

L-R Back Row:  Kathy Maxted, Lindy Korff, Judy Gerke, Pat Moir, Marcia Geving, Lynn Johnson, Sue Martens
L-R Front Row: Shelley Tennant, Marcia McElhaney, Pam Ball, Shirley Heindselman, Marian Bailey, Jinx Olds, Jeannette Johnson's arm (sorry Jeannette)

OK, same group, but for this shot we added the rest of Jeannette Johnson, front row, far right, and subtracted half of Shelley from the far left.

Our "Roaring Twenties Party" complete with Flappers:  L-R Jeannette Johnson, Judy Gerke, Shelley Tennant, Marcia Geving, Sue Martens, Lynn Johnson, Lorraine Leonard, and Leah Roswick.

 (Music:  "Remember" by Harry Nilsson)

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