Webster Elementary
        Class of '62
        Ballard, WA 

     The little reunion that grew:  I'd thought about hosting a grade school reunion for some time, but wasn't sure how many classmates could be located, or would want to attend. 

     The first attempt, our 48 year reunion 
in 2010, drew 3 former teachers, 23 former students, and 17 guests whom we dubbed our "Class of '62 Groupies".  Held at my house, our motto was:  "If you weren't close in '62 you were today"!  

     It turned out to be such fun that a 50th reunion was held on May 20, 2012 in the lunchroom/auditorium at Webster.  20 former classmates and 8 guests mingled, and munched on treats that included "retro" Dixie Cups.  We even sang two classic Websterian anthems:

Zero dachus, Mucho Crockus
Hallaballooza Bub
That's the secret password that we
Use down at the club, and
Zero Dachus, Mucho Crockus
Hallaballooza fan
Means now you are a member of
King's TV club with Stan
and No-Mo, and Tallulah, and
Bozo the Clown, and Victor Rolla,
and Uncle Torvald, and Pepita the Flea...

Followed by a moving rendition (sung to the tune O'Tannunbaum) of:

Lutefisk, oh lutefisk, how fragrant your aroma,
Lutefisk, oh lutefisk, you put me in a coma.
You smell so strong, you look like glue
You taste just like an overshoe,
But Lutefisk, come Saturday,
I think I'll eat you anyway.

Lutefisk, oh lutefisk, you have a special flavor.
Lutefisk, oh lutefisk, all good Norwegians savor.
That slimy slab, we know so well,
Identified by ghastly smell.
Lutefisk, oh lutefisk.
Our loyalty won't waver.

     Below is the 50th reunion group photo, our 1962 class photo, and the 48th reunion group photo.

The informal photos from both reunions are on the pages listed above.

Special thanks to Tom and Marcia (McElhaney) Diers for being our official photographers.

50th Reunion of the Webster Class of '62 - May 20, 2012
Back Row (L-R):  Vic Knight, Mason Williams, Craig MacDonald, Ray Peterson, Rod Liseth, John Troberg.
Middle:  Marcia Geving, Sue Martens, Lindy Korff, Lynn Johnson, Toni Christensen, Stacy Peabody, Jim Hunter.
Front:  Pam Ball, Jeannette Johnson, Marcia McElhaney, Starlet Clark, Pat Moir, Shelley Tennant, Steve Hierholzer

Webster Elementary School - "Before" Class Photo  June 1962

(The names in red were in attendance at either the 48th Reunion, the 50th Reunion, or both)

Back row, left to right:  John Willott, John Pappe, Einarr Dropping, David Vane, Donna Wakefield, Patricia Moir, Judy Gerke, Steve Nelson, Bryce Williams, Paul Kenner, Pamela Ball, Bob Haight, Teresa Farris, and
Neil McCall

Fourth row, left to right:  John Troberg, Rodney Liseth, Ron Davis, Raymond Peterson, Victor Knight, Steve Green, Laura Buhman, Lindy Korff, Lorraine Leonard, Greg Edwards, Tom Houghton/Jenson, Knut Harjo, Bob Rake, Marian Bailey, Eric Olson

Third row, left to right:  Chris Conrad, Stephen Hierholzer, Larry Wykes, Ed Rodal, Paul Matson, Bob Gerde, Dale Anderson, Darilyn Davis, Marcia Geving, Rick Bowlin, Craig MacDonald, Dan Roberts,  Albert Forsmo, Bill Briggs, Galen Birch, and Mason Williams.

Second row, left to right:  Starlet Clark, Linda Lucus, Lynn Johnson, Shirley Heindselman, Stacy Peabody, Toni Christensen, Johanna Kelly, Leah Roswick, Shelley Tennant, Jinx Olds, Nancy Poarch, Marcia McElhaney, and Jeannette Johnson.

First row, left to right:  Mark Reese, Dagfinn Lunde, Stephen McArthur, Dwight Oliver, Jim Hunter, Charles Crandall, Joe Blumel, Dave Trammell, Connor Garcia, Jim Logue, and Bob Clemence.

Webster Elementary School Reunion - 48th Reunion Photo - May 16, 2010

L-R Back Row, Standing:  Stacy Peabody, Bertha Davis and Boyd Matson.  Back Row Scrunching:  Paul Matson, Bryce Williams, Rod Liseth, and Mason Williams.  Third Row Seated:  Jeannette Johnson, Dave Vane, Knut Harjo, Pat Moir, Pam Ball, and Marcia Geving. Second Row Seated:  Dag Lunde, Eric Olson, Jim Hunter, Marcia McElhaney, Paul Kenner, and Shelley Tennant.  First Row Seated:  Shirley Heindselman, Bob Gerde, Dwight Oliver, Lynn Johnson, Toni Christensen, and Steve Hierholzer. 

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